Our Vision



KDx Diagnostics Inc. is committed to bringing to market novel non-invasive diagnostic tests to improve the accuracy of early detection and monitoring of cancer. KDx is developing tests based on cellular specimens, or cytology specimens, from bodily fluids and washings that can be obtained non-invasively to improve patient care. KDx will use novel cutting-edge biomarkers to improve accuracy of cancer detection while leveraging existing detection platforms and infrastructures for efficient adoption of the KDx tests in clinical settings.


    • Target non-invasive, cost-effective solutions
      • Reduce cost of the tests by adapting novel biomarkers to existing technology platforms using easily obtained biological samples.
      • Non-invasive tests that can be used in symptomatic and high-risk populations to detect cancers at an early stage where they can be treated most effectively.
    • Global market
      • With a presence in the global market, KDx is providing cutting-edge solutions to developed and developing countries where the clinical unmet needs are the greatest.

      • Simple technology allows easy adoption to reduce technical hurdles in all economic conditions.

    • Full regulatory approval
      • Aggressively pursuing regulatory approval by conducting clinical studies for full compliance, resulting in clinical acceptance of the KDx tests.